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Self licensing

Self licensing hat ein bisschen was von Doppelmoral (was übrigens auch ein schöner Artikel ist) aber eher auf sich selbst bezogen. Man tut etwas Gutes, was sogleich eine schlechte Nachfolgetat rechtfertigt.

“We drink Diet Coke – with Quarter Pounders and fries at McDonald’s. We go to the gym – and ride the elevator to the second floor. We install tankless water heaters – then take longer showers. We drive SUVs to see Al Gore’s speeches on global warming.”

So ungefähr.

Self-licensing (aka moral self-licensing, moral licensing, licensing effect, moral credentials) is a term used in social psychology and marketing to describe the subconscious phenomenon whereby increased confidence and security in one’s self-image or self-concept tends to make that individual worry less about the consequences of subsequent immoral behavior and, therefore, more likely to make immoral choices and act immorally.

Quelle: Self-licensing